Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition

First Session


The PCs finished up loose ends on character creation, deciding on a back story for their group. It was agreed that a party name would be chosen in the future. We discussed game mechanics and character crunch issues. Players agreed to use the new character sheet function in Roll20. The next game session is scheduled for Thursday June 5, 2014.

In character, players were introduced to Sandpoint. The date is Lamashan 21, 4707. They explored the town and participated in the Swallowtail festival. They played games with some surprising results, sampled some of the local fare, and met a few locals. As the festival reached its ostensible purpose of consecrating the new temple, chaos erupted. The party helped in defending Sandpoint against a goblin raid, dispatching three groups of goblins. They met Aldren Foxglove who invited them to dinner at a later time and Ameiko Kaijitsu, proprietor of the Rusty Dragon. Ameiko offered free board for a week in an offer of thanks. When the game broke, it was early evening in Sandpoint.

The players found the following loot:

2 unidentified potions
A masterwork horsechopper
2 shortbows with 20 arrows
1 set of studded leather armor
A pile of dogslicers and worn leather armor that could be sold for 40g for salvage.


Tom_H Tom_H

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