Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition

Aviel's Journal

Entry 2, first day's in Sandpoint

Aviel’s Journal
h1. The first days in Sandpoint

It was late when my ship made port. My first thoughts were of a meal and bed to rest from my long trip. This simple task was complicated, however, as Sandpoint was in the midst of preparing for a grand party to mark the opening of a new church to Desna. This meant that the inns were filled.

Searching every inn I could find I eventually found lodging, however a meal was more difficult as the common room was filled to capacity. I was just about to leave in frustration when a trio at a table in the corner beckoned me over.

Their appearance gave me pause, they had the look of ruffians about them. A haggard looking man who looked as if he hadn’t slept in days, a ratfolk with all the concerns that brought up and a Qadiran man who, although well dressed, wore a slave’s collar.

Despite my reservations, I was hungry and decided that as long as I was on my guard I should be able to handle any situation I found myself in.

Of the three, the Qadiran man named Zakiv seemed the most civilized. He was articulate and well mannered, however he had an easy smile and a smooth way of talking that set me on edge. His mannerisms reminded me of Percivius.

The youngest man was a cleric of Gorum named Contoa. He had a scruffy and harried look about him. He seemed constantly on the verge of falling asleep, even as I talked to him.

Surprisingly, I found the ratfolk Quinn the easiest to engage in conversation though I had sought to avoid talking with him at the start of the evening. He too had a haunted and fatigued look about him, along with scars, tattoos and a dramatic hair style. Had he an eyepatch I could have turned him over to any authority for a bounty no questions asked.

After dinner I retired for the evening to rest from my long trip. It was my understanding that the next day the festival would start and, unfortunately, most of the businesses not serving food or drink would be closed. I would just have to make the best of it.

Although it was not my intention to do so, the three individuals I had met the evening before again invited me to their table for breakfast. Though there were other tables that morning, I already had a familiarity with them and so I joined them.

After breakfast, we went out to explore the festival. Throughout the day, my suspicions about my new companions were confirmed. They thought nothing of cheating, and deception to win the various games. A small squabble seemed to end with threats and nobody batted an eye when they used trickery to essentially steal a valuable prize.

I held my tongue for the most part, I had no authority here and if the local guard wasn’t skilled enough to spot it or couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it it certainly wasn’t my place to run their law enforcement for them. By the late afternoon I had decided that I was done with these people and intended to take my leave of them. Things were not going to be so clear cut however.

That evening, there was a grand dedication ceremony to open the new church. It was a much more mundane affair than a dedication ceremony in Cheliax, though it did have a conspicuous lack of sacrificing among its rituals.

The event was suddenly interrupted by a goblin raid. I was a little surprised that these vermin would be brazen enough to attack the town, and even more so that the city guard were lax enough to let it happen.

We managed to dispatch the first wave of goblins with ease. Zakiv proved to be a potent wizard, incapacitating two of the beasts with a single spell. I was also exposed to the spell, however I chalk that up to inexperience with each other’s fighting style. I put myself in a position that was inconvenient for him. Simple communication will easily correct that problem. He did seem to have a propensity to fling himself into harms way, however, and I found myself struggling to try and defend him.

Contoa seemed to have some trouble with his crossbow. I wasn’t able to see what the problem was so I am unsure if it was a lack of familiarity with the weapon or simple fatigue. He did respond to directions, however, and was unafraid to engage the enemies in close combat when necessary. I have seen too many priests hide behind the front lines under the excuse of being healers when they bore armour and shield that rivaled the soldiers up front. I wasn’t too pleased when he decided to tend to a fallen enemy before tending to an ally. While I agree with his desire to take prisoners, there were still goblins about and had they attacked while he was bandaging a goblin we my have been put in a poor situation.

Again I think communication may have smoothed over this bit of roughness between us. Had he made clear his desire for a prisoner we could have arranged for Zakiv to use his powers as they seem particularly well suited for taking captives.

Once again Quinn surprised me the most. Again, I had dismissed his usefulness in a fight. To be truthful I was expecting him to flee and hide, but instead he stepped into the fray and performed admirably. He had a keen sense of positioning and tactics, taking advantage of openings I presented for him and maneuvering to provide opportunities for me, all without needing to be directed. When I did issue an instruction he was quick to respond. I must admit, his performance far surpassed most of the militia I have fought beside and even a fair number of soldiers would not have responded as well as he did. I am curious about his background now.

We managed to rescue an individual named Aldren Foxglove and also thwart an attack on the Rusty Dragon Inn whereupon the proprietor named Ameiko Kaijitsu offered us free room and board at the establishment for a week.

These events made me realize that we were likely the best suited people in town to try and put down this goblin threat. The competency of the local guard and militia was already questionable considering the events of tonight.

I could not fight off a hoard of goblins alone and I would be negligent in turning away the skilled help I would require over a handful of petty crimes. And so, I plan on discussing the matter with them. I have no authority over them and they have no particular reason to follow anything i put forth, but I do have a reputation I need to maintain so as not to damage the family name. I hope that they will understand and for the sake of helping defend the town be willing to curtail some of their less savory impulses. In exchange, as long as it isn’t too egregious, I will try to limit my questions to those I will not regret having answers to.


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