A young cleric of Gorum, searching for his way.


Contoa is a slender runt, just coming into adulthood. He is a youthful cleric that is scrawny and looking eternally sleep deprived, dark marks under his eyes. His chin is covered with a rough, unshaven stubble, and his sandy blonde hair is mid length and shaggy, hanging a bit past his ears. His eyes are a silvery grey, often looking empty or distant.


Contoa was raised in the middle class with a father who was a blacksmith and mother who was a stay at home mother. He had two siblings, both older than himself by at least five years. As the runt of the family, surrounded by war, he was babied by his parents, and mistreated by his siblings, though nothing extreme.
With food rationed because of the war, he often found himself shorted on food as his working family members ate most of the food to sustain themselves. This made him turn to minor thievery to survive, but he was always malnourished, leaving his growth stunted. As he aged, he was slender and weaker than most, but his lifestyle made him swift and agile.
At one point, he attempted to steal from a priest, but was caught. Rather than turn him in, the priest took him under his wing, helping him and sharing food. As Contoa grew, his mentor taught him faith, and caused Contoa to realize all the people he harmed and wronged by stealing. He feels the guilt of this to this day, knowing he may have condemned others to the starvation he so desperately tried to avoid.
With age, he matured, gaining the faith of his mentor, becoming an avid study. His life was interrupted though when bandits kidnapped one of his siblings, attempting to ransom him off. Contoa used his charisma and persuasive abilities to trick someone in his village to go off to save his sibling, having them think he would get some manner of great reward.
His sibling was saved, and when the person he’d tricked realized upon their return that there was no reward awaiting him, he beat Contoa severely, putting him in bed rest for a few months. During this time, his studies consumed his life, and his gifts with the divine grew as he atoned for his prior sins and lies.
When he came of age, he left his home village, hoping to find something more in life, hoping to help others to further atone for the sins of his past that ever wracked at his mind.


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