Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition

A night at the Rusty Dragon

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Since we aren’t playing until next week, I thought I would do a little rp via post. Feel free to add whatever you would like. I think anyone can edit this post. I hope I haven’t made her too insufferable so as to be truly unbearable.

Unlike this morning, the Rusty Dragon’s main room was nearly empty. The townsfolk and revelers had mostly locked themselves away in their homes or inn rooms after the goblin attacks.

At a table by the dying fire, Aviel sat inspecting a long tear in her chainmail shirt. She was dressed in a modest dress of black and red, colours favoured in Cheliax. Though the tailoring was simple the dress still had small flourishes and designs stitched into it.

Sensing her companions approach, she held up the shirt. “Here, look at this. Where the links are split, they are made with a thinner steel and the riveting is flawed. The first goblin got lucky when he hit this spot, the second showed his cunning by exploiting the breach. I found another weak spot as well.” She sighs as she tosses the armour on the table. “This is what I get for being too hasty, I should have inspected it closer before I depended on it for my life, however that is neither here nor there.”

Aviel looks at the assembled group. “Thank you for coming, I felt obligated to discuss a couple of matters with you all. Before we begin though, I ask that you let me finish before replying. We are about to trust our lives to one another and I feel that it would be in everyone’s interests to learn where the flaws in our association my lie so that they can be mended, compensated for or if they prove to be to great, the association may be discarded before anyone’s life is put at risk due to any misunderstandings.”

“This morning I was a little dismayed when cheating and deception were used in winning prizes at carnival games, and veiled threats were employed to settle a dispute. " Zakiv, I don’t know exactly what happened, but I would hope that a man who wears a slave’s collar didn’t learn magic so he could impose his will over his friends and allies. And Contoa, far be it for me to interpret your deity’s wishes, but Gorum is a god of war and I would wonder if he granted you access to his divine power so that you could cheat peasants at carnival games."

“At this point you are likely asking yourselves who am I to be judging you, but let me continue. After tonight’s attack, each of you proved to be extremely capable in a conflict. I was duly impress with all of your abilities. It became abundantly clear to me that the local constabulary and militia are of questionable value and if this goblin threat is to be put down, we are the most suitable to do so. I would be fortunate to fight with allies such as yourselves. But at the same time, as much as I desire to help Sandpoint, I still have a reputation and family name that I must no put in jeopardy by being associated with criminal activities.”

“And with that, I come to my point, everything that has happened has been minor and easily overlooked for the sake of dealing with the threat at hand, but I need to know if you have any designs for a grander illicit exploit. If you do, and can not be dissuaded from it, I can take my leave now and there will be no ill will between us. I will say nothing of this conversation. If, on the other hand, what I have seen today is the extent of what I can expect, then I am willing to put aside my apprehensions about working with you for the sake of Sandpoint. With that said however I would like to add that the acquisition of the hammer is pushing the bounds of what I am willing to overlook.”

“So, after all is said and done, some of you may have taken a dim view of me. But know that I recognize that I am the outsider and you are the ones that invited me to your group so you are the ones that have the ultimate decision about whether you wish me to remain. I realize that I have likely alienated myself with my judgmental tone, however if you still think we can work together then I would be happy to stay and lend my shield to your cause. If there is anything you would like to ask of me or any issue you would like to raise, please do, now would be an excellent opportunity.”

Zakiv sits forward, his smile, a cool river below the stern dual suns of his eyes. "I have seen your prowess in battle, and I am full of admiration. Your skill with the blade is formidable, and (I might add) greatly appreciated. I can say with aplomb that with you at our side, we will be a band worthy of tales. Furthermore, I concur with your assessment of the town’s “militia”(if we can call it that) and they need our assistance badly.

“That being said,”his smile seems to dry under the heat of his gaze,"As you come from a land of unadulterated tyranny and Diabolism, I will forgive your comments about my unfortunate captivity, but I would implore that you tread lightly on this subject lest you run out of shade.

“Lastly, I also wish for peace between us. I have witnessed first hand what chaos can bring. I am sure we all agree that there is great opportunity in this land, and I look forward to our future together.” He raises a glass of mead in toast.

“So, with that out of the way I would like to resolve a personal matter. " Quinn, whether or not you were aware of it I have not been giving you enough credit ever since we met. My past experiences with beastfolk have been under unfavourable conditions and ratfolk in particular have unsavoury reputations and thus my first impression was shamefully off mark. I attempted to avoid talking with you at first but when I was drawn into a conversation I began to suspect my mistake. The height of my condescension was at the start of our first conflict with the goblins where I fully expected you to cut and run. By the end of the fighting I was ashamed by my earlier behaviour. Whether you know it or not I have wronged you and feel the need to make amends. Please, accept my apologies and assurance that I will base my opinion of you on nothing more than you actions and words from this point on."

Aviel extends her hand across the table to Quinn.

“Finally, with that all out of the way, I have one final matter to address”"

Aviel reaches down to her backpack beside the chair and begins unpacking bottles of drinks that she has been collecting from the local vendors all day.

“My original purpose here was to establish trade. Since I could not explore the glass factory which was my intent, I instead took the opportunity to taste the local drinks. The swill they call wine here is an affront to vintners all across the Inner Sea. The mead, however, is very nice. I do not have a taste for ale, so can’t judge it fairly. I would like to get your opinions on each of these drinks, as well as propose a toast to our continued association. Perhaps we could adopt a name for our group to formalize our alliance? Give us a stronger sense of comradery.” Aviel smiles as she begins pouring drinks “I have some suggestions, but I fear I have already talked too much and would likely risk alienating myself further with their Chelaxian bent.”

Zakiv smiles broadly." Aviel, I think we may very well have judged each other too strongly, I am also a fan of many of the Inner Seas various imbibements, and would relish the chance to discern their various qualities with this lot. What say you all?"

Up until this point, Contoa had been resting back in his seat, fingers intertwined with his elbows resting on the table. Then, a soft sigh escaped his lips and his fingers parted, as Zakiv finished his sentence. “Always a pleasure to have a taste of fine ale.. I have a question, about what you said though. I was, unaware, that any foulness had gone on during the festival by my hand, and it would be an understatement to say I am incomprehensibly offended by your questioning of my faith and god.” Despite his words, he appeared calm, a faint smile playing upon his lips, shadows cast over his eyes as he leaned forward, eyes intent on Aviel.

“Pray tell.. what befoulment by my hands could you possibly be referring to?” There was a bit of a dark heir about his words, a very subtle threat hanging in the air as he stared Aviel down.


Its true that Aveil wasn’t at the contest of strength, she never specifically mentions anyone in connection to that, but the three of us all tried and failed, and after seeing in subsequent events that physical might is not one of Zakiv’s strong points, she has her suspicions.

But what was mainly referred to was just with regards to the casting of guidance, although minor it was an “unfair” (so to speak) advantage in tests of skill.

A night at the Rusty Dragon

Alrighty. We can continue in character then and see how things unwind between the two characters.

((Aviel is jealous of Zakiv’s manliness >_>))


A night at the Rusty Dragon
Tom_H Contoa

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